Inspired by the local street artist, Digital Lapin set out to create a structure that acted as both a live painted mural and as a stage divider during Colorama in Shenzhen, China.

The challenge was to create a free standing structure for an artist to spray paint during Colorama a two day art and music festival.
Working with OOA architects TabulaRasa was born from the unique combination of light-play and material texture. Utilizing a single geometric shape, invisible joint system, and LED lighting, the structure acts as a transforming live-painted canvas during a two day art & music festival Colorama.




NHEP is China’s largest plastic manufacturer with factories located accross the country, with their headquarters in Hong Kong. With marketing efforts put towards capturing more of the international customers, NHEP needed an updated selling tool that would include a corporate brochure and product catalogue coupled in a branded folder.

Their existing marketing materials were dated and inconsistent in design. We slimmed the corporate profile just to include the key points making it faster to get the-big-picture. With their highly technical products, we structured the content into logical sections, with a consistent and minimal layout, making it easier for customers to understand the comprehensive range of plastics and capabilities available at NHEP.


MOBILE - LUI Design & Associates

LUI Design & Associates is a lighting specialist building on a decade of experience. Every design is developed around the idea that each kind of light source can be individually operated, setting the right mood and atmosphere and giving the client the added flexibility to play with the various desired mood and atmosphere within the design.

We designed their website with the concept of a digital portfolio in a pocket. We focused on the responsive layout, giving the best experience on any mobile device or desktop. Built upon the popular WordPress system, our client is able to easily add or manage existing project content.

HTML5 / CSS 3.0 / Javascript / JQuery / WordPress 3.0 CMS




Studio Novembre in Milan is home to the designer Fabio Novembre, infamous for his product, interior and architecture works through the last 20 years. With products like “HIM&HER” or the “HAPPY PILLS”, each design has a whimsical twist primed under a strong form and function.

Working closely with the project architects to understand the true brand concept of HIT Gallery, we were able to bring to life an interior normally only seen in renderings. HIT Gallery’s debut store was scheduled to open in Times Square, Hong Kong marking it a flagship retail store for the brand in Asia. Through interior styling, visual merchandising, professional lighting and photo processing we were able to bring the dream of Studio Novembre to life. Featured in the international interior and design magazines, books and websites.


VIDEO - Sensis

Sensis is born out of a simple belief, changing the way people collect, interact and consume wine for good. Founded by French Designer JB Ponsot, Sensis rooted in Hong Kong in 2013 expended their R&D center together with the design bureau. Bringing innovative wine storage solutions on different scale and ambitions, from free standing units, to custom made cabinet & wine cellars.

During our photoshoot we wanted to create a short and catchy interior video of Sensis showroom studio in Causeway Bay, Hong Kong.



Revé by René takes high-end eyewear to a new level, where each can perfect their cool. Revé, which means “dream” in French, is a play on founder’s name, René Chu. These luxury sunglasses feature detachable pieces (ex. cat ears or talons) to fit moods and environments, from classic styles to edgy fashion statements in moments.

Our ultra minimal design draws from visuals of a future spacecraft with stark white interiors. This eCommerce website is built with Shopify platform and integrates with online payment and logistics with ShipWire.

HTML5 / CSS 3.0 / Javascript / JQuery / Shopify eCommerce


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